When to Start Off Leek Seeds Indoors


Starting off leek indoors eliminates the possibility of exposing your seeds to poor conditions that can hamper their germination.  But sowing them at just the right time can also be a little tricky.

Plant them too early and they are liable to be exposed to frost.  Plant them too late and they are apt to be exposed to extreme heat especially when the hottest part of the summer season sets in.

To grow leeks successfully, one must know the climate he lives in and base planting schedules according to it.

Leek is a cool climate crop that requires a long season to mature.  They must be planted early to give them ample time to grow—approximately five weeks before the final frost.

If you live in an area with mild winters and hot summers, leek seeds must be grown as a winter crop.  They must be sown between eight to twelve months before the average last frost date.

Seeds must be sown ¼ to about half of an inch deep into the soil.  Cover the seeds loosely with topsoil and gently firm it up.  Lightly spray with water and keep it moist every day.  Germination typically happens between eight to sixteen days at 75 degrees Fahrenheit after sowing.