When to Sow Leek Seeds

It will help your leeks thrive if you carefully choose the correct time in which to sow your seeds.

Leeks come in early, mid-season and late varieties and what you choose to cultivate must be planted accordingly.

Basically, leeks require a long growing season—about 90 to 150 days.  They would also need a total of eight hours of sunlight each day so they can thrive.

Ideally, it’s best to sow leek seeds early until the middle of spring.  If you live in an area with temperate winters, you can sow leek seeds indoors late in the winter and then transplant them outdoors come spring time.

You can also opt to seed them in July directly into their permanent growing positions and let them to grow all throughout the fall and winter seasons.  Planted at this time, leeks may be harvested during the next summer.

If you live in an area with cold winters, you may still overwinter your directly-seeded leeks provided they are mulched with straws.  This would provide as your leek’s protection and would help prevent the ground from freezing.

For those who live in areas with freezing winters, leek seeds must be started indoors during the early part of spring.  Sown at this time, it would make your leeks ready for harvest late in the fall.

Generally, leek seeds must be started not earlier than 15 weeks before the last expected frost date in the spring.