What is the Best Way to Clean Leeks?


Cleaning leeks is a lot tougher than cooking them.  Still, when you know how to do it the right way, it isn’t so hard anymore.  Here is the best way to clean the dirt out of the many crevices of leeks:

Cut the leek across.  Make sure you cut along the area where the deep green color of the leaves turns a light green shade.  Discard the tough green portion and other ragged outer leaves.

Trim off the roots at the base of the plant but make sure to keep the base together.  Split the top portion of the leek in half down to approximately five centimeters.    

Then, holding the leek at the base, shake and swish it in a large bowl of cold water to dislodge the dirt off the folds.  The dirt that has been removed will sink at the bottom of the bowl.  Take out the leek, throw the water away and fill it with fresh cold water.  Repeat the process until all the grit has been removed.

One thing you should remember while cleaning leeks this way is to separate the leaves a little while it’s in the water.  This way, you would be able to get in between each layer to loosen the remaining dirt.

Drain and dry in a paper towel before using.