Varieties of Leeks

Leeks come in several varieties, each differentiated according to their flavour, characteristics and the time they are harvested.

Although different, each variety is bounded by one common trait: hardiness.  Most leeks are hardy and can withstand drought and even the bitter coldness of winter.

Some leeks have narrow leaves, while some have wider and thicker stems.  Their colors range from dark green to green to blue-green.

Early Season Variety

This leek variety, as its name says, can be harvested early.  They are small with a slightly mild flavour.

Though they can survive winter, they are less winter-hardy compared to other varieties.  They are very easy to grow and they also do not require blanching.

Some of the varieties under the early season type include Varna, King Richard, Columbus and Rival.

Mid-Season Variety

The mid-season variety is characterized by their cold-hardiness and their very thick stalks.

Leeks under this variety may be harvested throughout winter and unlike the early season, it requires blanching.

Some of the varieties under the mid-season variety include Dawn Giant, Jolant, Lancelot, splendid and Albinstar Baby Leek.

Late Season Variety

Like mid-season, the late season variety is also very cold hardy.  It has the same fat stalks and their harvest typically happens all throughout winter.

Some of the varieties that fall under late season include Otina, Titan, Durabel, American Flag, Giant Musselburgh, Laura and Bandit.