The Benefits of Storing Leeks Instead of Leaving Them in the Ground


Newly-picked leeks are definitely better than stored ones.  They taste fresh and succulent.  On top of that, you also know for sure that all their nutrients have not dissipated.

That is why it has been suggested that when you harvest leeks, you should only pick what you need and leave the rest on the ground.

But what you may not be aware of is, there are also disadvantages if you do not harvest all of them at once.

Organic leeks can stay in the ground for a long time, even all throughout the winter season.  But doing so will leave them vulnerable to damage.  They will be exposed to slugs and the weather which can spoil your harvest.

In order to have the benefits of having fresh leeks without the risk of exposure, some gardeners resort to heeling-in.

Heeling-in is a technique that mimics the growing conditions of a crop in order to store them.  Once the leeks have been harvested, they are then transferred to a hole in the ground, their roots and part of their stem covered with soil.

Leeks stored this way will be stored like it would when they are in the refrigerator, but they will be healthier and their nutrients intact.

Make sure to pick a sheltered location and cover it with straw to stop the soil from freezing.