Preparing the Ground for Leeks


Leeks are not very choosy when it comes to the soil where it is grown into.  But if you would like to maximize your yield during harvest, its best to grow this herb under the best conditions.  One thing you can do is to prepare the ground for your leeks.

If the soil in your backyard is deep loam, you would be happy to know that’s what leeks prefer.  But any other soil will do so long as it drains well and has an acidity between 6.5 and 7.5 pH.

Once you have chosen the perfect sunny site to grow your leeks, it is time to prepare the soil where they will grow.

A few months before you are scheduled to plant, you may enrich the soil by adding garden compost and well-rotted manure to it.  Dig in a bucketful of this soil for every eight square yards of ground.

Rake the soil in at a depth of a spade.  The organic compost you will mix into the soil will not only enrich it, but would also help it to retain moisture.  Make sure to remove all visible stones and seeds

It is best to plant leeks in an area where lettuce, cabbage or peas were previously planted.  Avoid choosing a site where leeks have also been cultivated.

You can add fish and bone manure to the soil about two weeks before planting your leeks.  Add it at a rate of 3 ounces or about 90 grams for every square yard.

If your soil lacks the right acidity, you can add lime to the soil accordingly.