Plants that Grow Well with Leeks


It has been a long practice by farmers to grow other plants alongside their main crop.  This is to protect them from being attacked by pests.

But not all plants can be grown together with any other plant.  Certain crops grow well with some plants, but not on others.

Take leeks for instance.  This herb has characteristics that are very useful for some plants but unwelcome on others.

Tomatoes are one of the best companion of leeks and any other member of the Allium family.  The roots of tomatoes give out allelopathic compounds which hamper the growth of neighboring plants.  However, this compound does not affect leeks.

Marigolds planted near leeks will also be beneficial.  Since leeks are prone to nematodes that live in the soil, the flower marigold can help reduce this pest, if not completely drive them away.

Strong-smelling herbs such as peppermint and celery can help repel pests and attract beneficial insects.  Celery as well as carrots is also believed to help enhance the flavor of leeks.

Other companion plants for leeks include asparagus, apples, lovage, parsnips, marjoram and onions.

Generally, leeks grow well with most plants.  But this herb will have a negative effect on other crops like beans, strawberries, peas and legumes so avoid planting any of these near leeks.