Leeks: Growing Tips for Container Growing


There is still an option for people who love leeks but don’t have the space to grow them—plant them in containers.

Once you have determined when leeks must be planted in your area, the next thing you would have to do is prepare the things you would need.  These would be potting soil, cow manure, five gallon pot and of course, your chosen leek seeds.

Prepare the soil by mixing one part cow manure with four parts of potting soil.  Make sure though that you do this several weeks before you actually sow your seeds.

Fill the pot with this soil mixture about ¾ through and allow it to set for approximately two months.  Stir the soil every other day to help the manure age.  You may also opt to use other well-rotted compost if you do not want to wait this long.

Using a pencil, dig a hole into the soil about 1/8 of an inch deep.  Do this for each seed but carefully space each seed evenly at the center of the pot.

Once your seeds have grown into seedlings that are three inches in height, you can add a mixture of sand and potting soil together at the base of each seedling.  Allow the top two inches of the seedlings to be exposed.

Repeat the same procedure in other pots if you want to grow more leeks.  Put your leek pot in an area that is partly sunny.  Leeks mature between two to three months.