Leeks As It Was Told in the Bible


Leeks are old, that much is true.  They have been known to exist since the Bible times—and the proof?  This humble herb has been mentioned several times in the Bible itself.

It has been referred to as “grass” in the book of Kings (1 Kings18:5, 2 Kings 19:26) and the book of Job (40:15).  In the same book, it was also called an herb.  Leeks were also remarked as one of the foods that the Israelites longed for while on their passage to the Promised Land.

It said in Numbers 11:5—“We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost—also cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic.”

All these are proof that the leek has been around since the ancient times and that it has been treated with more deference than people do today.

This cousin of the onion has in fact been a preferred herb in Egypt.  People have constantly used it in their food and were largely cultivated there.  It has also been widely grown in Palestine as well.

There are many other herbs and vegetables mentioned in the Bible aside from leeks.  Some of these include mustard, mint, cinnamon, bay leaf, anise, coriander, wild gourde and rue.