Leeks: An Easy to Grow Vegetable


If you love growing vegetables, plants and herbs but don’t have a green thumb, you won’t have any problems with leeks.  This herb is easy to grow because they are not sensitive and are affected by a few diseases only.

Leeks do require a long growth period—between 120 to 170 days from the time they are sown until the time they are harvested.

They are biennial grown as an annual.  They can grow in vegetable beds in your garden.  Because they are tall and slim, you can also grow them in containers on balconies—a great idea for those with limited space.

Typically, leeks are sown indoors.  When they get more mature, they are transplanted outside in the early spring or about five weeks before the last average frost.

Leeks love the sun, so they should be planted in an area where they can get plenty of sunlight.

Caring for this herb as they grow is easy, too.  Keep the soil moist but not soggy when you water them.  To make the white, juicy part of the leek bigger, make sure to pile more soil around the base of the plant.  This will keep most of the stalks from being exposed to the sun and turn them green and stringy.

Harvest leeks when they reach a width of at least one centimeter or bigger.