How to Store Leeks


Leeks have a tangy taste and smell like that of onions which can be absorbed by other food products in your refrigerator.  But unlike onions, leeks require more preparation and care before they can be stored.

To store leeks, you must first cut off any damaged leaves or parts.  Slice the tops off beginning at the area where the tender, white part begins.

Repeatedly dip the leeks in a pot of lukewarm water and run it under the tap in between dips.  Repeat the same process until all the grit has been removed from the leeks.

Wrap the leeks loosely using a damp paper towel and put this in a plastic bag.  Store it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 32 degrees F.  Stored this way, the leeks will keep from about a month to three months.  Otherwise, it will only keep for about ten days.

For longer storage, make sure to keep the paper towel moist.

You may also choose to store leeks straight in a sealed plastic bag and into the ref.  However, do not wash the leeks so you can keep them longer.

Leeks can also be stored in the ground when the temperature is cold.  Just cover them with additional soil and several inches of mulch and they can stay that way for about two months.

Leeks that have been cooked don’t store well and must be used within a day or two.