How to Plant Leek Seeds


Once the soil has been prepared for planting and the leek seed variety has been chosen, it is now time to sow your seeds.

Leek seeds can be sown in a seed bed where they can be grown until they are ready to be transplanted, or they can be seeded directly in their permanent positions.

To sow the seeds, bury it at a depth of 2.5 centimeters or about ¼ inch deep.  Each seed must be sown an inch apart.

After sowing, cover the seeds with finely sifted soil, firm it down a little and water lightly.  Germination should take place after a few weeks.  Once you see foliage or shots are already visible, you may start thinning out the seedlings to a distance of six inches apart.  Space between rows must have a distance of about 16 inches.

Regularly water the soil as your leeks are growing.  You can transplant your seedlings into their permanent growing positions in June until early July when they reach a height of eight inches.  Their stalks must have a thickness as that of a pencil.

Before transplanting, make sure to water the soil before lifting the seedlings up if it is dry.

Remember to mound up more soil around the stalks at the base of each seedling to blanch the stems white.  The tender, white part would become bigger and its flavour would also be milder.

Store leftover seeds properly as this would keep for as long as four years.


One Response to “How to Plant Leek Seeds”

  1. Hal Spiece says:

    Hello There Leek Gardeners !

    I read all your articles on Leeks which were very excellent information ! There is a few questions I would like to ask you people about when & how to harvest the Leek Seed Heads from the top of the Leek stems ! I live in southern Ontario Canada where the gardening season temperatures start in April when the frost is out of the ground & last until harvest time in September depending what you are growing ! Last spring for the first time I transplanted some baby Leek sprouts about 200 of them but did not harvest all them leaving over a hundred of them in the ground over winter covered with about 10 inches of oak leaves & they even survived our cold winter & the tops were eaten of by rabbits ! This spring when I went out to my garden & looked at them I thought they were a “Gonner” for they looked so chewed & beaten up with little tops showing !
    So as spring came on about the end of April I noticed new leaf growth & then by mid May I noticed new center “Skleek Stalk’s” with seed pod’s shaped like Hershey’s Kisses on the end of them, which I never had at all from them the first year before during the whole growing season ? The first seed pod growing is my largest at about 3 inches in diameter & just today the onion like skin fell off the seed pod which looks like a barley head of flowers ! I also noticed some other Skleek Stalk’s were hollow like green onions & most of the other stalks were solid in mass & were just delicious when cut up & put in the steamer a few minutes & then served on our plates covered with butter & cider vinegar ! Please tell me if the solid & hollow stalks are male & female & do they have to be cross pollinated before the seed pods are picked from the top of the stalks ! When do I know when to pick the seed pods from the stalks ? What is the maximum time or size that Leeks can be left in the ground before they loose their flavor ? I Thank You People very much for your time & information ! Sincerely Enjoy Your Leek Thoughts Of Gardening Wisdom ! Hal Spiece