How to Pick Leeks

The leek is an “easy” herb to grow from the onion family.  Why is it easy?  Because it doesn’t take a lot of effort to grow them and harvest them.

Before harvesting your leeks, it is important to know first if they are ready to be picked.  They can actually be harvested at any stage.  But they are best reaped when they have grown to at least an inch in diameter.

Once you have confirmed that they are indeed ready, lift your leeks gently off the ground using a garden fork.  Dig the dirt around the base of the plant and insert the fork about three inches away from the plant.

Leeks have a shallow root system so try to dig in a little deeper so as not to damage the roots.  Do not attempt to pull your crops without loosening the soil as this will make them break in half.

Pull the leeks only when the soil has been loosened and the plant can easily be lifted.

Lift leeks as late in the fall as possible if you live in the Northern states.  If you live in the South, they must be picked in the spring time.

Harvested leeks can keep in refrigerator for as long as a month.  Cutting the leaves will prolong their storage life because it will slow down the loss of moisture.