How to Freeze Leeks


Freezing is a storage method that does not go well with leeks.  However, there are strategies you can resort to so you can freeze them, yet still have decent leeks.

After you have picked, cleaned and sliced your leeks, blanch them for a couple of minutes under medium heat.  Drain them right after making sure no moisture is left.  Allow to cool to room temperature.

You can use a freezer grade plastic bag, heavy-duty aluminum foil, glass containers or a tray pack.  What’s important is to use something that is resistant to vapor and moisture.  It should also be durable enough to withstand freezing temperatures or else it would crack and break.

Another thing to take note of when choosing a container is it should provide protection from absorbing odors.

Arrange one layer of leeks on a cookie sheet.  Put it in the container making sure to remove all the air before sealing it.

Frozen at zero degrees, leeks should be good for as long as twelve months.  However, leeks that have been frozen will lose a little of their texture and flavor.

When using frozen leeks, do not thaw them but instead, add them directly to dishes.