How Many Calories are There in Leeks?


We often see the word “low-calorie” in food products—in sodas, beers, milks among others.  But do you know that there are foods that naturally have a low calorie-content?

One such example is leeks.  Unlike other foods where calories have to be extracted in order not to make it fattening, this herb is naturally low in calories—cooked or raw.

Specifically, an ounce of boiled or steamed leeks have nine calories while eating a hundred grams of this delicious herb will have about 22 to 31 calories only.

Although low in calories, the same weight of boiled leeks will provide an energetic value of 61 to 70 Kcal.

When consumed raw, leeks have approximately 17 calories per 28 grams.  Eating a cup of raw leeks should provide you with as low as 54 calories.

This, of course, is considering that you eat leeks alone.  Although low in saturated fats and calories, the total calorie-intake of a person would also depend on all the other ingredients used into the making of the leek dish.

If you are on a strict diet, it is important to carefully choose the ingredients that go into your leek dish.

Typically made into leek and potato soup, this dish would provide one with about 82 calories—10 of it coming from fat, 12 coming from protein and the rest of the calories from carbohydrates.