How Leeks Boost the Immune System


In this day and age when viruses and bacteria seem more resistant to medicine, it becomes utterly important to make ourselves healthier; our immune system stronger.

Leeks can help you do just that—boost your immune system.  Like other Allium herbs such as onions and garlic, leeks contain organo-sulfur compounds, bioactive components and phytochemicals that help enhance the immune system.

Two of these phytochemicals include saponins and flavonoids which supports the immune system and the maintenance of the cholesterol levels in the body.

The sulphur compounds and components found in leeks bring on the production of enzymes that help detoxify the liver.

Leeks are also found with excellent amounts of quercitin, a bioflavonoid believed not just to stimulate our body’s immunity to infection, but also defend it from oxidation.  The same sulfur compound is also known to help in maintaining the body’s blood sugar level.

Eating leeks will actually give you a string of health benefits aside from just boosting the immune system.  Because it is an excellent source of Vitamin C, it facilitates the repair of body tissues and other essential functions.

Leeks also have antibacterial properties that block inflammation.  This herb is even known to inhibit the growth of tumors.