How Deep Should Leeks be Planted?


Leeks can be started off indoors and then transplanted out to their permanent growing position at the right time.  Both sowing and transplanting require different depths to which leeks must be planted.

When sowing leek seeds, you can make shallow drills at a depth of ¼ inch deep.  Each seed must be sown thinly—about one inch or about 2.5 centimeters apart.  If the seeds are sown directly in their permanent place, the drills must be approximately 15 centimeters or around six inches apart.

Leeks can also be planted in trenches.  To do this, dig a hole that’s about one foot deep and one foot wide.  Fill the trench with four inches of compost and aged manure and then cover with six inches of top soil after the leek plant has been inserted.

The roots of the leek seedlings must be buried an inch deep into the ground.  The result should be that the seedling would be standing much lower than its surrounding soil.  Make sure not to make the trenches too close together lest they would fall apart.

Leeks must be transplanted outdoors when their stalks have grown as thick as a pencil and have reached a height of eight inches.