Food That Goes Well With Leeks


Leek is an herb that looks similar to onions but has a sweet flavor that is a cross between mild onions and garlic.

They are most often used in soups but their flavor comes out and highlights the taste of a number of dishes when it is served as a side dish.

Some of the dishes best served with leeks are Pork Loin Roast, Scalloped Potatoes with Cheese, Stuffed Flank Steak and Italian Chicken Saltimbocca.

Leeks can be baked or roasted, boiled or steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried or stir-fried.  It can be a side dish on its own with just butter, salt and pepper for an enhanced flavor, but it can also be teamed with other vegetables such as potatoes and asparagus.

Cold cuts like ham and bacon both bring out the taste of leeks.  Try Crispy Bacon with Leek Risotto or Smoked Haddock with Poached Egg.

Leeks can also be braised and caramelized to enhance its sweetness.  When cooked this way, it will have a taste similar to apples and raspberries.  Caramelized leeks are best served along with king prawn, fish, roasted sausage, chicken, barbecues or steaks.