Detoxify Your Body with Leeks


With the proliferation of ready-to-eat victuals and other foods that are full of preservatives, it’s not surprising that our bodies get filled with toxins.

These toxins can lead to diseases in the long run so it’s important that we get a detoxification now and then.  The most natural way we can do this is to include leeks in our diet.

Leeks have the ability to re-energize, improve overall health and even lessen the symptoms of a couple of health conditions.  Because leeks are a natural diuretic, it can trap harmful substances and draw it out of the body.

It is believed to be a sort of sponge where it soaks up excess sugar, bad cholesterol and calories and then flush it out of the body.

Because of this, not only is it good for detoxification, but it is also an effective way to purify the skin, lose weight and work towards that elusive flat stomach.  The high fiber but low calorie-content of leeks, especially when made into soup, will make you feel full, thus, promoting weight loss.

Leek detoxification soup is pretty simple to make as its basic ingredients include water and leeks only.  It should also be the only food eaten during the detox process to avoid additional contaminants from harming the body.